Staff Bios

Beth: Beth I started massage in 2011 and it became something I am very passionate about.I started this business in June 2012 because I was dissatisfied feeling that I didn't have adequate time to help my clients if they needed extra time getting up after a massage. Helping my clients to live a healthy, pain free life is my goal. I am also a certified medical massage practitioner an intensive set of classes that really changed my approach and style of massage.

I am not a therapist that is for everyone. I have a firm touch and not everyone enjoys that. I also have a hard time ignoring areas of tension that I find in the body. If your shoulder is tight I'm going to want to work on it! I'd rather warn clients that I am firm rather than risk giving someone a bad massage and negative experience.

The main reason I started my own business was to be able to focus more on my client and less on worrying about turning the room over and living by the clock. I'll admit I have a tendency to run a few minutes over. I'd rather complete the massage than end it abruptly because of time.


Bowen: Bowen Bowen has 9 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist. He is certified in deep tissue, trigger point, neuromuscular therapy, and therapeutic massage. He brings to the table vast knowledge from his background with MMA and is currently working towards a Doctorate in the medical field. Bowen has worked with athletes towards maintaining their health and keeping them injury free.

Bowen can work with you if your trying to recover from an injury to just getting the body to a point of wellness. He uses his knowledge of a variety of massage techniques in his massage and each massage is tailored specifically to your needs. You won't find a run of the mill routine here! Bowen does have a firm touch and does a deep massage.

Licensed as a Massage Therapist in the State of Virginia and Town of Leesburg.