Ear Candling Class

Peaceful Place Massage will be offering Ear Candling class! If you've ever been interested in Ear Candling come get your hands on and learn. The class is $100 per person and it's best to do it with a friend or family member as you can practice on each other during class. All supplies are included including tables and sheets. Class should last approximately 4 hours and will consist of demonstration and guided practice in the clinic. Each individual will have the chance to both experience and practice Ear Candling.

The benefits are soothing from the warmth and smoke,drying of fluids, also softening old ear wax. Usually 2-4 candles are used per treatment (hence the length of time of the class). This is usually done 3-6 times a year. If your loved one has chronic ear issues why not give this a try. It could save you money in the long run and visits to the doctor for ear wax removal.